Modifying the color of a fur description

Next you’ll change the color of the fur description so it resembles a real teddy bear. To do this you’ll edit the fur description and set the Base and Tip Color attributes using the Attribute Editor.

To modify the fur description

  1. Select Fur > Edit Fur Description > TeddyBear.

    The Attribute Editor appears and displays the attributes for the assigned TeddyBear fur description.

  2. In the Attribute Editor, modify the Base and Tip Color attributes for the TeddyBear fur description by clicking the color swatches for each attribute, setting the RGB range to 0 to 255, and entering the following RGB values:
    • Base Color R: 62
    • Base Color G: 30
    • Base Color B: 8
    • Tip Color R: 106
    • Tip Color G: 52
    • Tip Color B: 14

    These values change the color of the base of the fur to a dark brown, and the tips of the fur a lighter brown. The fur feedback is updated on the bear model.