Merge paint layers


Merging paint layers combines any visible layers for an active paint channel into one layer. This reduces the number of texture files and saves texture memory when painting models.

Note the following when merging layers:

To merge paint layers

  1. In the Paint Layers window, ensure that all layers you want to merge are visible in the active paint channel.

    (You can temporarily hide any layers you don’t want merged. See Hide or show a paint layer.)

  2. Select the paint layer you want the other visible layers to be merged into.
  3. Click the Layers window menu () or right-click the selected layer and do either of the following:
    • To merge and delete the source layers, select Merge Visible. (This operation can be undone.)

      Use this option when you're satisfied with the combination of layers and the merged texture they produce. Note that the individual layer properties, such as Strength are frozen when layers are merged this way. The merged layer adopts the name of the selected layer.

    • To create a merged layer but also keep the original source layers in the stack, select Duplicate Merge Visible.

      Use this option if you want to view the merged layer effect, but also have the option to continue adjusting the source layers.

Tip You can also quickly export a single image of the merged effect for all paint layers within a channel, without actually merging the layers in Mudbox. See Export paint layers.

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