What else is new?

Multiple languages

Mudbox is now available in French, German, and Japanese. You can set your language preferences for the Mudbox interface and the Mudbox Help separately in the Mudbox Setup window, or in the Preferences window. See Language in the Preferences window.

Viewport Filter properties

The Ambient Occlusion filter has been renamed the Cavity Ambient Occlusion filter. This filter essentially shades the cavities or crevices of a model. A new Ambient Occlusion filter has been added. This is a more fully featured filter, which makes for a much broader effect.

For more information, see Viewport Filter properties and Apply visual effects.

Ambient occlusion baking enhancements

You can now extract ambient occlusion maps between multiple arbitrary source and target objects. This lets you use a single low res target object that receives ambient occlusion detail from multiple high resolution source objects.

See Extract an ambient occlusion map.

Other improvements