Duplicate a model

Duplicating a mesh lets you quickly create a set of similar objects, create a collision object closely based on the original shape, or take a snapshot of your mesh at any point in time as you continue sculpting. Duplicating then flipping a mesh lets you easily create symmetrical pairs of objects (like gloves, boots, and so on).

To duplicate a model

  1. Do either of the following:
    • Select Edit > Duplicate.

      This duplicates all selected meshes. If no mesh is selected, it duplicates the active mesh.

    • Right-click a model and select Duplicate Object.

    Mudbox creates a copy of the model(s) in the same location, and automatically selects the copy. Because the new mesh initially overlaps the original exactly, you cannot initially see the copy.

  2. To view the duplicated mesh, do any of the following:
    • Select the Translate tool and translate the duplicated object so that it does not display directly on top of the original object. (See Select and move items.)
    • Flip the mesh (for example, using Mesh > Flip Mesh > Around Local Y) so that it displays as a mirror object to the original object. (See Flip a model.)