MPxMidiInputDevice Class Reference
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#include <MPxMidiInputDevice.h>

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Detailed Description

Midi input device.

This is the base class for user defined MIDI input devices.

Child classes of MPxMidiInputDevice should define:



Public Member Functions

virtual MStatus  openDevice ()
virtual void  closeDevice ()
virtual void  nameAxes ()
virtual void  nameButtons ()
virtual MDeviceState deviceState ()
virtual MStatus  sendMessage (const char *const messageType, const char *const messageParams)
virtual char *  getMessage (const char *const messageType, char *messageResponse)
virtual void  doButtonEvents (bool=true)
virtual void  doMovementEvents (bool=true)

Protected Member Functions

MStatus  setNamedButton (const MString &, unsigned short)
MStatus  addChannel (MDeviceChannel &)
MStatus  setDegreesOfFreedom (int freedom)
MStatus  setNumberOfButtons (int buttons)

Member Function Documentation

MStatus MPxMidiInputDevice::openDevice (  )  [virtual]

Open the midi device.

void MPxMidiInputDevice::closeDevice (  )  [virtual]

Close the midi device.

void MPxMidiInputDevice::nameAxes (  )  [virtual]

Assign names to the axes of the device.


void MPxMidiInputDevice::nameButtons (  )  [virtual]

Assign names to the buttons of the device.


MDeviceState * MPxMidiInputDevice::deviceState (  )  [virtual]

Return the current state of the input device.


MStatus MPxMidiInputDevice::sendMessage ( const char *const   messageType,
const char *const   messageParams  
) [virtual]

If this midi event belongs to this device then fiil up the MDeviceState. Otherwise return NULL. The user should override this method.

User should override this method.

char * MPxMidiInputDevice::getMessage ( const char *const   messageType,
char *  messageResponse  
) [virtual]

User should override this method.

void MPxMidiInputDevice::doButtonEvents ( bool  val = true  )  [virtual]

This method is used to specify whether this device is accepting button events from its child.

void MPxMidiInputDevice::doMovementEvents ( bool  val = true  )  [virtual]

This method is used to specify whether this device is accepting movement input from its child.

MStatus MPxMidiInputDevice::setNamedButton ( const MString buttonName,
unsigned short  button  
) [protected]

Set the name of the specified button.

MStatus MPxMidiInputDevice::addChannel ( MDeviceChannel channel  )  [protected]

Add the given channel to this device.

MStatus MPxMidiInputDevice::setDegreesOfFreedom ( int  freedom  )  [protected]

Set the degrees of freedom for this device.

MStatus MPxMidiInputDevice::setNumberOfButtons ( int  buttons  )  [protected]

Set the number of buttons for this device.

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