MDeviceChannel Class Reference
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#include <MDeviceChannel.h>

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Detailed Description

Input device channel.

Input device channel class.



Public Member Functions

  MDeviceChannel (const MString &, MDeviceChannel *=NULL, int=-1)
  ~MDeviceChannel ()
MString  name () const
MString  longName () const
int  axisIndex () const
bool  hasChildren () const
MDeviceChannel  parent () const
MDeviceChannel  childByIndex (int)
int  numChildren () const


class  MPxMidiInputDevice

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MDeviceChannel::MDeviceChannel ( const MString name,
MDeviceChannel parent = NULL,
int  index = -1  

Constructor. Creates a new device channel with the given name, index and parent (optional).

[in]  name  the name of the channel
[in]  parent  the parent of the channel (default is NULL)
[in]  index  The device state index for the channel

MDeviceChannel::~MDeviceChannel (  ) 

Class destructor.

Member Function Documentation

MString MDeviceChannel::name (  )  const

Return the short name of the channel.

The short name for this channel

MString MDeviceChannel::longName (  )  const

Return the long name of the channel.

The long name for this channel

int MDeviceChannel::axisIndex (  )  const

Returns the device state index corresponding to this device channel.

The device state index for this channel

bool MDeviceChannel::hasChildren (  )  const

Determine whether this channel has children.

  • true this channel has children
  • false this channel does not have children

MDeviceChannel MDeviceChannel::parent (  )  const

Return the parent of this channel.

The parent of this channel

MDeviceChannel MDeviceChannel::childByIndex ( int  index  ) 

Return the specified child of this channel.

The child of this channel

int MDeviceChannel::numChildren (  )  const

Return the number of children of this channel.

The number of children of this channel

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