Work Area tab (bottom tab)

Displays the shading network for a selected node. For more information about Shading networks, see About shading networks.

Select a node, then select one of the graphing icons on the tool bar, such as Input Connections :

The selected nodes appear in the Work Area tab. If another Work Area tab is selected, the graph operation graphs the selected nodes into that tab. (The Work Area tab cannot be deleted.)

For more information on how to show node connections, see Show node connections.

Connecting render nodes in your Work Area

You can use the Hypershade to show render node connections, connect render nodes, or delete render node connections. For more information, see:

Customizing your Work Area

You can customize your Work Area to display only specific shapes and transforms. For more information, see Hide shape and transform nodes in Hypershade.

You can also customize your Hypershade by changing the default connection line colors. For more information, see Change default connection line colors.