Edit > Render Texture Range

See Test textures (and texture ranges).

Edit > Render Texture Range >

These are descriptions of the options in the Render Texture Range Options dialog box.

Image name

The name of the resulting rendered images. Images are written to the images directory of the active project. The file name will be padded (for example, checker.0001.iff).

File Format

The file format of the rendered texture images.

x/y Resolution

The x and y resolutions for the rendered texture images.

Start Frame

The first frame number used for the sequence.

End Frame

The last frame number used for the sequence.

By Frame

The number of frames to advance between the Start and End frames (see Render Settings window in the Rendering guide for details).


The number of padding digits in the number (for example, 001 is 3, 0001 is 4, and so on).

Auto load range in image viewer

Launches and loads the newly created sequence into image viewer.