Render Settings window

Window > Rendering Editors > Render Settings

Render settings (scene settings) for the Maya Hardware renderer, the mental ray for Maya renderer, the Maya Software renderer, the Maya Vector renderer are consolidated into one Render Settings window.

Use the settings in this window to set scene-wide render options. Especially when used in conjunction with per-object render settings (see the particular object or render subject matter for details), the render settings give you a great deal of control over quality of rendered images and the speed with which they are rendered.

To open the Render Settings window, see Open the Render Settings window.

Render Layer

Select from the drop-down list the layer that you want to render from.

Render Using

Select from the drop-down list the renderer that you want to use.

Common tab

The common tab contains settings that are common to all renderers. For information on the Common tab, see Render Settings: Common tab.

Render-specific tabs

The other tab changes, depending on which renderer is selected.