Reduce artifacts and flicker

Unlike anti-aliasing techniques, you cannot adjust the settings in the Render Settings window to reduce artifacts and flicker. Instead, you can fix shadow artifacts, clipping plane artifacts, or animation flicker independently.

Shadow artifacts (Maya software rendering)

Raytraced shadows are susceptible to the terminator effect, a self-shadowing error that results from tessellation (triangles that approximate a smooth surface). To fix raytraced shadow artifacts, increase the tessellation.

For more information on tessellation, see Introduction to Tessellation and Approximation.

Clipping plane artifacts (Maya software rendering)

Clipping planes help Maya to determine how far and near objects are relative to the camera. By default, cameras have Auto Render Clip Plane turned on so that Maya can sort geometry as accurately as possible. If objects seem to inter-penetrate each other, turn off Auto Render Clip Plane and set the Near Clip Plane to 1.0.

For more information on clipping planes and these settings, see Clipping planes.

Animation flicker

For Maya software rendering and Maya hardware rendering.

During rendering, Maya filters textures. If textures flicker or crawl along objects in your scene from frame to frame, consider using a lower resolution file texture, or, if you are not using a file texture, adjust the Filter settings in the Effects section of the texture’s Attribute Editor.

For more information about texture filtering, see Texture filtering in the Shading guide.