What is Painting in Maya?

An extremely powerful feature in Autodesk® Maya® is the ability to paint. Maya’s paint tools work like paint brushes, providing you with an intuitive, efficient way to change the properties of your objects or create various effects. In Maya, there are three types of paint tools: Maya® Artisan paint tools, the Maya® Paint Effects Tool, and the 3D Paint Tool.

This book describes how to paint with the Maya® Paint Effects Tool and the 3D Paint Tool. For information on the Artisan tool settings interface that is common to many paint tools in Maya, see What is Artisan?.

Paint Effects

Paint Effects is a unique paint technology that lets you paint strokes on a 2D canvas to create 2D images or textures, or to paint strokes in a scene to create paint effects in 3D space.

The Paint Effects Tool is different from Artisan.

For more information on Paint Effects, see:

3D Paint Tool

The 3D Paint Tool is a tool you can use to paint textures for renderable attributes such as color, bump, transparency, and specular color on polygons, NURBS, and subdivision surfaces. You can also paint on existing file textures assigned to your objects.

The 3D Paint Tool is a hybrid of Artisan and Paint Effects.

For more information on the 3D Paint Tool, see: