Network render with Maya software

Before you begin, you must have networked workstations. See your system administrator if workstations are not networked.

To render on several computers

  1. Install Maya on each machine.

    We recommend that you pare down the installation to the minimum requirements. For instance, you do not have to load all options on each machine when installing (for example, documentation).

  2. Initiate render commands on each render workstation.

    This can be achieved manually by the Command Line Render command. To automate it, use simple scripting capabilities. See the Command Line Render Help (render -h) for more options.

    For example,

    If you have a 100-frame scene and want to distribute the rendering across 4 render workstations, type:

    Render -s 1 -e 25 filename for the first render workstation.

    Render -s 26 -e 50 filename for the second render workstation.

    Render -s 51 -e 75 filename for the third render workstation.

    Render -s 76 -e 100 filename for the fourth render workstation.

    TipUsing -rep

    You can use the -rep flag on the Render command to automate Maya software networked rendering.

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