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#include <MSelectInfo.h>

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Detailed Description

Selection state information used in MPxSurfaceShapeUI::select.

MSelectInfo is used with user defined shape selection and is passed as an argument to the MPxSurfaceShapeUI::select method. This class encapsulates all the selection state information for selected objects.


apiMeshShapeUI.cpp, apiMeshShapeUI.h, apiSimpleShapeUI.cpp, apiSimpleShapeUI.h, and quadricShape.cpp.

Public Member Functions

 MSelectInfo ()
 MSelectInfo (const MSelectInfo &in)
 ~MSelectInfo ()
M3dView view ()
bool singleSelection () const
bool selectClosest () const
bool selectable (MSelectionMask &mask) const
bool selectableComponent (bool displayed, MSelectionMask &mask) const
bool isRay () const
MMatrix getAlignmentMatrix () const
void getLocalRay (MPoint &, MVector &) const
bool selectForHilite (const MSelectionMask &) const
bool selectOnHilitedOnly () const
int highestPriority () const
void setHighestPriority (int)
void addSelection (const MSelectionList &item, const MPoint &point, MSelectionList &list, MPointArray &points, const MSelectionMask &mask, bool isComponent)
MDagPath selectPath () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MSelectInfo::MSelectInfo (  ) 


MSelectInfo::MSelectInfo ( const MSelectInfo other  ) 

Copy constructor.

[in] other object to copy

MSelectInfo::~MSelectInfo (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

M3dView MSelectInfo::view (  ) 

Returns the view that the current selection is taking place in.

The view

bool MSelectInfo::singleSelection (  )  const

This methods determines if we want to select a single object.

  • true a single object should be selected
  • false do not want to select a single object

bool MSelectInfo::selectClosest (  )  const

Determines if we want to select the closest object.

  • true the closest object should be selected
  • false do not want to select the closest object

bool MSelectInfo::selectable ( MSelectionMask mask  )  const

Given the selection mask, this method determines if the object is selectable.

[in] mask selection mask
  • true the object is selectable
  • false the object not is selectable

bool MSelectInfo::selectableComponent ( bool  displayed,
MSelectionMask mask 
) const

Given the selection mask, this method determines if the component is selectable.

[in] displayed is the component displayed
[in] mask selection mask
  • true the component is selectable
  • false the component not is selectable

bool MSelectInfo::isRay (  )  const

Is there a selection ray. This method isused to find ray object intersection.

  • true there is a selection ray
  • false there is no selection ray

MMatrix MSelectInfo::getAlignmentMatrix (  )  const

Returns the alignment matrix. This method is used to find ray object intersection.

The alignment matrix

void MSelectInfo::getLocalRay ( MPoint pnt,
MVector vec 
) const

Get the selection ray. This method isused to find ray object intersection.

[out] pnt ray starting point
[out] vec ray direction

bool MSelectInfo::selectForHilite ( const MSelectionMask mask  )  const

Give the selection mask, can this object be selected for the hilite list.

[in] mask the mask to test
  • true can select for hilite
  • false can't select for hilite

bool MSelectInfo::selectOnHilitedOnly (  )  const

This means that you can only select components if the object is hilited.

  • true can only select components if object is hilited
  • false can select components for non-hilited object

int MSelectInfo::highestPriority (  )  const

Returns the highest selection priority value.

The priority value

void MSelectInfo::setHighestPriority ( int  value  ) 

Sets the highest selection priority value.

[in] value the priority value

void MSelectInfo::addSelection ( const MSelectionList item,
const MPoint point,
MSelectionList list,
MPointArray points,
const MSelectionMask mask,
bool  isComponent 

Adds components or objects to the active selection list. For an example of how this is used please refer to the method definition apiMeshShapeUI::select() in the devkit example code apiMeshShape.cpp.

[in] item The component or object to add to the list
[in] point The world space point representing the selected object. This is used during single-click selection when the click overlaps multiple objects in order to determine which point is closest to the camera.
[out] list The selection list to add the item(s) to
[out] points A copy of the points of all currently selected components in the list (if components are selected)
[in] mask Mask used to determine selection priority
[in] isComponent Indicates whether item to be added is an object or a component

MDagPath MSelectInfo::selectPath (  )  const

Returns a path to the item that is being selected.

A path to the item being selected

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