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class fbxBlob
 FBX SDK blob class.More...
class fbxDistance
 FBX SDK distance class.More...
class fbxDateTime
 FBX SDK date&time class.More...


KFBX_DLL void * fbxCreate(EFbxType pType)
 Creates a fbx primative type and initializes its memory.
KFBX_DLL bool fbxDestroy(EFbxType pType, void *pData)
 Destroys an fbx primative type.
bool fbxCompare(const void *pA, const void *pB, EFbxType pType)
 Compare two values of the same type.

Function Documentation

bool fbxCompare(const void * pA,
const void * pB,
EFbxType pType 

Compare two values of the same type.

pA first value
pB second value
pType The data type of both values
trueif equal,falseotherwise

Definition at line880of filekfbxtypes.h.

KFBX_DLL void* fbxCreate(EFbxType pType ) 

Creates a fbx primative type and initializes its memory.

pType The type of object to create.
A pointer to the new primative object. Note that the caller owns the returned object. The pointer returned is NULL if pType is eUNIDENTIFIED or an unknown type.

KFBX_DLL bool fbxDestroy(EFbxType pType,
void * pData 

Destroys an fbx primative type.

If the return value is true the memory pointed to by pData has been deleted and should no longer be accessed.

pType The type of object being deleted
pData Pointer to the object being deleted.
true if the object was detroyed, false otherwise.