FBX SDK Reference Guide

Version 2009.1

Welcome to the FBX SDK Reference

The FBX SDK Reference contains reference information on every header file, namespace, class, method, enum, typedef, variable, and other C++ elements that comprise the FBX software development kit (SDK).

The FBX SDK Reference is organized into the following sections:

Other Documentation

Apart from this reference guide, an FBX SDK Programming Guide and many FBX SDK examples are also provided.

About the FBX SDK

The FBX SDK is a C++ software development kit (SDK) that lets you import and export 3D scenes using the Autodesk FBX file format. The FBX SDK reads FBX files created with FiLMBOX version 2.5 and later and writes FBX files compatible with MotionBuilder version 6.0 and up.