Inherited by KFbxEvent<KFbxEventPopulateSystemLibrary>, KFbxEvent<KFbxEventPostExport>, KFbxEvent<KFbxEventPostImport>, KFbxEvent<KFbxEventPreExport>, KFbxEvent<KFbxEventPreImport>, KFbxEvent<KFbxEventUpdateSystemLibrary>, KFbxEvent<KFbxEventWriteLocalization>, KFbxEvent<KFbxObjectPropertyChanged>, KFbxEvent<KFbxQueryEvent<QueryT>>, and KFbxEvent.

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Detailed Description

FBX SDK event base class.

Definition at line55of filekfbxevents.h.

Constructor and Destructor

virtual ~KFbxEventBase()

Public Member Functions

virtual int GetTypeId() const =0
 Retrieve the event type ID.
virtual const char * GetEventName() const =0
 Force events to give us a name.

Constructor&Destructor Documentation

virtual ~KFbxEventBase( ) [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual int GetTypeId( ) const[pure virtual]

Retrieve the event type ID.

type id

virtual const char* GetEventName( ) const[pure virtual]

Force events to give us a name.

event name