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This class provides services for memory management.

The FBX SDK Manager uses an object of typeKFbxMemoryAllocatorto allocate and free memory. Implement your own class if your application requires custom memory management.

Definition at line58of filekfbxmemoryallocator.h.

Public Member Functions

 KFbxMemoryAllocator(void *(*pMallocHandler)(size_t), void *(*pCallocHandler)(size_t, size_t), void *(*pReallocHandler)(void *, size_t), void(*pFreeHandler)(void *))

Constructor&Destructor Documentation

KFbxMemoryAllocator(void *(*)(size_t) pMallocHandler,
void *(*)(size_t, size_t) pCallocHandler,
void *(*)(void *, size_t) pReallocHandler,
void(*)(void *) pFreeHandler 


pMallocHandler Pointer to a function implementing malloc. This function allocates memory blocks.
pCallocHandler Pointer to a function implementing calloc. This function allocates an array in memory with elements initialized to 0.
pReallocHandler Pointer to a function implementing realloc. This function reallocate memory blocks.
pFreeHandler Pointer to a function implementing free. This function deallocates memory blocks.

Definition at line67of filekfbxmemoryallocator.h.