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Provides a placeholder of functions to convert from a file format to "raw" data and vice et versa.

Definition at line173of filekfbximageconverter.h.

Public Member Functions

void RegisterConverterFunction(KStringpFileExt, ImageConverterFunction pFct)
 Register a user converter function into the system.
void UnregisterConverterFunction(ImageConverterFunction pFct)
 Removes a user converter function from the system.
bool Convert(int pDirection,KString&pFileName,ImageConverterBuffer&pBuffer)
 Perform the actual conversion.

Member Function Documentation

void RegisterConverterFunction(KString pFileExt,
ImageConverterFunction pFct 

Register a user converter function into the system.

pFileExt The image file extension the registered function can handle.
pFct The function that can convert the image file.
If the function can handle multiple image files, each file extension has to be registered individually (the same function can be used more than once in the RegisterConverterFunction).

void UnregisterConverterFunction(ImageConverterFunction pFct ) 

Removes a user converter function from the system.

pFct The function to be removed from the list of converters.

bool Convert(int pDirection,

Perform the actual conversion.

pDirection Either FileToBuffer (0) or BufferToFile (1).
pFileName The destination filename (can be changed by the ImageConverterFunction).
pBuffer The data placeholder.
trueif the conversion is successful,falseotherwise.