Storing presets

You can save your custom presets in a file that you can share with other users. Consult the table for the location of your saved presets.

Platform Preset location
Windows C:/Users/<username>/Documents/maya/FBX/Presets/<current plug-in version>/import
Macintosh /Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/FBX/Presets/<current plug-in version>/import
Linux /home/<username>/maya/FBX/Presets//<current plug-in version>/import
NoteThe table above shows the path for the import presets. Export presets follow the same path but use “export” instead.

Preset files have the file extension .fbximportpreset (for import) and .fbxexportpreset (for export), for example, My Preset.fbximportpreset.

These presets are stored by user name so that multiple users can store custom presets on the same machine.

You can also run the MELscript command to locate the FBX users preset path:

internalVar -userAppDir