Deformed Models

Activate the Deformed Models option to import Skin and Blend Shape deformations.

You can choose to import Skins and Blend Shapes specifically by expanding Deformed Models to access individual options.

You also have the option to Pre-normalize weights. Pre-normalizing weights normalizes the weight assignment of skin deformations so that smooth skin weights add up to one.

Option Description
Skins Activate this option to import all skin deformation into your scene.
Blend Shapes Activate this option to import all geometry Blend Shapes into your scene.
Pre-Normalize Weights Activate this option to normalize weight assignment.

What is pre-Normalizing?

During the import process, the Maya FBX Plug-in can pre-Normalize weights to ensure that every vertex on a skinned mesh has a weight no less than a total of 1.0. You can have many joints that influence a single vertex, however, the percentage of each deforming joint always equals a sum total of 1.0.

Why do I want to do this?

Use this function if you import older FBX files that result in abnormal mesh deformations.