Optical markers

Activate this option to convert optical markers contained in the file into dummy objects on import.

If you disable this option, the import process ignores this data.

Optical markers normally come from motion capture data, as a cloud of animated points or markers. The Maya FBX Plug-in does not import the animation as the data type is incompatible. However, the Maya FBX Plug-in converts optical data into a cloud of static null objects in Maya.

TipIf your optical data originates from MotionBuilder, you can set the state of all optical markers to Done in MotionBuilder which lets you import the animation data as curves in Maya.

Why do I want to do this?

This option is useful if you need to import optical data that is stored within an FBX file. For example, if you wanted to send an FBX file containing optical data that someone needs to use in Maya but they do not use MotionBuilder, you can activate this option to use the FBX file format to store optical data.