Installing the Maya FBX Plug-in

Maya uses the Maya FBX Plug-in to import, export, and convert files using the FBX file format. This chapter describes how to install the Maya FBX Plug-in on Windows®, Mac® OS X, and Linux systems.

The Maya FBX Plug-in comes with Maya and is installed automatically. This procedure is included so you can upgrade your Maya FBX Plug-in with later versions.

NoteThe Maya FBX Plug-in that accompanies your version of Maya may not be the most recent version. It is a good practice to check for updates, as each subsequent Maya FBX Plug-in version has enhanced functionality, and is available free. See Web updates for instructions on how to verify that your plug-in version is the latest.
ImportantPlug-ins run only on the version of Maya for which they are created; verify that the version of the Maya FBX Plug-in that you are installing is appropriate for the version of Maya you are running.

The Maya FBX Plug-in is available for Windows®, Mac® OS X, and Linux systems.