Zoom Region
Command entry:Activate an orthographic viewport. Viewport navigation controls (Zoom Region)
Command entry:Activate a Perspective viewport. Viewport navigation controls (Zoom Region on the Field of View flyout)
Command entry:Keyboard Ctrl+W

Zoom Region magnifies a rectangular area you drag within a viewport. This control is available only when the active viewport is an orthographic, Perspective or User-Axonometric view. It is not available for Camera viewports.

Zoom Region stays active until you right-click or select another command.


To zoom a region:

  1. Activate an orthographic or perspective viewport.
  2. Click (Zoom Region) or press Ctrl+W.

    When you zoom a region in a perspective viewport, select Zoom Region from the Field of View flyout.

  3. Drag a rectangular region in any viewport displaying a non-camera view.

    When you release, the region is magnified to fill the viewport.

    NoteWhen using the Zoom Region in Perspective view, the zoom rectangle is at a fixed distance from the camera. For this reason, if you draw the rectangle large enough, you can zoom out from the scene.