Layer Controller
Command entry:Main toolbar (Curve Editor (Open)) Highlight a Layer controller track and right-click Properties
Command entry:Select layer-enabled object. Motion Panel Parameters Position/Rotation/Scale

The Layer Controller dialog provides commands and options related to the Layer controllers in your scene, which the system automatically assigns for you when you enable animation layers on an object.

Unlike other controllers, you cannot assign a Layer controller explicitly to a track; you first need to enable layers via the Animation Layers toolbar or the Controller menu of the Curve Editor.

The Layer controller dialog has similarities to the List controller dialog. You can refer to it for complementary information on some of the options.

NoteThis section concerns itself with using layers in general animation; for information about using layers with biped animation, see Layers Rollout.

Animation Layers and Autodesk VIZ

Although the Animation Layers feature is not available in Autodesk VIZ, VIZ can load and save objects that use this feature without any data loss. The Layer controllers continue to exist in VIZ, and can even be viewed and edited in Track View, although editing of the animation-layer data is not recommended if the objects are to be returned to 3ds Max.

TipFor best results with objects that are to be brought into Autodesk VIZ, collapse any animation layers before saving the objects.


The dialog for a Layer controller depends on whether you’re using it with a position or scale track (left, following), or with a rotation track (right, following).

Layer Controller dialog with position and scale tracks

Layer Controller dialog with Rotation tracks

TipIn general, for ease of use we recommend you use the work with layers using the Animation Layers toolbar rather than this dialog.
List Window

Displays all Layer controllers for the selected object, along with their respective weight value.

Set Active

Determines on which layer your animation keys are set. The active controller is marked with an arrow in the list.

TipYou can also switch between active layers from the drop-down list on the Animation Layers toolbar .

Deletes the highlighted controller. A confirmation dialog prompts you before.


Copies the highlighted controller's data and enables Paste.


Puts the copied content onto the highlighted controller.


Sets the effects of the highlighted Layer controller

Average Weights

When on, the weight values of all the controllers in the list. Available only when you assign a Layer controller to a position track. Default=off.

Pose to Pose

Enables blending among controllers in the list. Available only when you assign a Layer controller to a rotation track. Default=off.

Refer to the List controller for more information on this option.

Blend Euler As Quat

When on, exposes the rotation axis order for blending the Euler controllers, which can prove useful for controlling gimbal. Available only when you assign a Layer controller to a rotation track. Default=off.

X/Y/Z Order

Sets the order in which the system calculates each rotation axis. Available only when Blend Euler As Quat is on.


Removes the Layer controller from the select object and reverts the animation keys on the Base Layer to the original controller.

NoteYou have to delete or collapse (available on the Animation Layers toolbar) all layers above the Base Layer before you can disable it.