Shadow Parameters
Command entry: Create panel (Lights) Create a light. Shadow Parameters rollout

The Shadow Parameters rollout is displayed for all light types except Skylight and IES Sky, and for all shadow types. It lets you set shadow colors and other general shadow properties.

A bridge's shadow cast by sunlight

The controls also let atmospheric effects cast shadows.



Displays a Color Selector to choose a color for the shadows cast by this light. Default=black.

You can animate the shadow color.

Dens. (density)

Adjusts the density of shadows.

The shadow density increases from right to left.

Increasing the Density value increases the density (darkness) of shadows. Decreasing Density makes shadows less dense. Default=1.0.

Density can have a negative value, which can help simulate the effect of reflected light. A white shadow color and negative Density render dark shadows, though the quality of these is not as good as a dark shadow color and positive Density.

You can animate the Density value.

Map check box

Turn on to use the map assigned with the Map button. Default=off.


Assigns a map to the shadows. The map's colors are blended with the shadow color. Default=none.

Light Affects Shadow Color

When on, blends the light's color with the shadow color (or shadow colors, if the shadow is mapped). Default=off.

A checker map is used to alter the shadow cast by the piano.

Atmosphere Shadows group

These controls let atmospheric effects such as Volume Fog cast shadows.


When on, atmospheric effects cast shadows as the light passes through them. Default=off.

NoteThis control is independent of the On toggle for normal Object Shadows. A light can cast atmospheric shadows but not normal shadows, or vice versa. It can cast both kinds of shadows, or neither.

Adjusts the opacity of the shadows. This value is a percentage. Default=100.0.

Color Amount

Adjusts the amount that the atmosphere's color is blended with the shadow color. This value is a percentage. Default=100.0.

A Volume Fog cloud casts a colored shadow on the city.

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