Auto Expand
Command entry: Track View Options menu Auto Expand submenu

Auto Expand determines the behavior of the controller window display based on choices made from a submenu. To turn Auto Expand off with a single click, choose Manual Navigation from the Options menu: The Auto Expand settings are then disregarded.

When you are working on a specific animation task, turn off the unnecessary options to focus the controller window on what you need to see.

NoteThe default auto-navigation setting for the Dope Sheet editor auto-expands only to the node track for the currently selected object. This reduces the number of tracks whose keys need to be displayed and also helps enforce the top-down workflow for which the Dope Sheet editor is designed.


Selected Objects Only

When this is on, the controller window displays the tracks for highlighted objects only. Default=On.


Expands the Hierarchy list to display the highlighted object's Transform track. Default=On.

XYZ Components

Expands the highlighted object's Transform track to display individual XYZ components contained in each Transform controller (such as Position and Scale).


Expands the highlighted object's Limits track to display its parameters (such as Upper Limit and Lower Smoothing). To be used in conjunction with the Limit Controller. Default=On.


Expands the highlighted object's Hierarchy list to display keyable tracks. You must also enable Transform or XYZ Components to see results. Also expands the Environment and Global Shadow Parameters Hierarchy lists.


Expands the highlighted object's Hierarchy list to display animated tracks.

Base Objects

Expands the highlighted object's base object track to display its parameters (such as Height/Width/Length).


Expands the highlighted object's modifier track to display modifiers applied to that object.


Expands the highlighted object's material track to display materials parameters.


Expands the Hierarchy list to display all children starting from the highlighted object.