Properties (Track View Hierarchy)
Command entry: Track View Select an item in the Controller window. Right-click. Properties
Command entry:Right-click an animated object in the viewport. Curve Editor Right-click the Key window. Properties
Command entry: Motion panel Assign Controller rollout Right-click a controller track. Properties

The Properties command opens the Properties dialog for the selected item in the Track View. For example, this command opens the Key Info dialog for selected keys, or the ProSound_dialog for an item in the Sound Track.

Some controllers, such as Noise, use the Properties dialog as their primary interface for animating parameters. Other controllers do not use the Properties dialog at all; in such cases it is unavailable.


To display properties for an animation controller:

  1. In the Controller window, click the controller track to highlight it.
  2. From the Controller menu, choose Properties.

    Or you can right-click the highlighted track and choose Properties from the context menu.

To display the Properties dialog for a Bezier key:

Bezier is the default Position controller for an animated object.

  1. In the Track View Key window, click an animated object's Position key to highlight it.
  2. Right-click the key.

    The controller dialog opens, showing the tangency choices and other settings.

    Tip You can also change tangency handles using the tools on the Key Tangents: Track View toolbar.

To open the Sound Options or ProSound dialog for adding a sound track:

  1. In the Track View Hierarchy, select the Sound item.
  2. Right-click and choose Properties.

    The Sound Options or ProSound dialog opens.

    You can use this dialog to assign a sound file to the animation, which can be displayed in Track View or the track bar.