Special-Purpose Controllers

The controllers described in this topic are applied to parameters of different data types, like general-purpose controllers, but they are used for special purposes.

List Controllers

The List controller combines multiple controllers into a single effect. It is a compound controller with tools for managing the order in which its internal controllers are calculated. List controllers are weighted, by animating the weights of the different layers you can create an effective non-linear animation system.

Use List controllers to combine controllers as in the following examples:

Expression/Script Controllers

You write custom code for Expression controllers and Script controllers in an Expression or Script controller dialog. You specify parameters using mathematical expressions, functions, and variables. The code can include values based on the controllers of other objects in the animation.

NoteYou can replicate some functions of Expression and Script controllers without having to write code by using parameter wiring or Reaction controllers. See Parameter Wiring Dialog and Reaction Controllers.

See also

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Motion Capture Controllers

A Motion Capture controller controls parameters in real time from the input of external devices. Currently supported devices are mouse, keyboard, MIDI device and joystick. Each device has specific properties that must be set: