Motion Panel Commands

Controls for assigning and adjusting controllers appear on the Motion panel.

NoteYou can also work with controllers in Track View .
  • Trajectories

    The Trajectories feature displays the path an object travels over time. This is useful for seeing at a glance how the object moves with respect to other objects in the scene during an animation without actually having to play the animation. Trajectories also lets you adjust the path directly and convert it to and from other formats.

  • PRS Parameters Rollout

    The PRS Parameters rollout provides tools for creating and deleting keys. PRS stands for the three basic transform controllers: Position, Rotation, and Scale.

  • Key Info (Basic) Rollout/Dialog

    The Key Info (Basic) rollout or dialog changes the animation value, time, and interpolation methods of one or more selected keys.

  • Tangent Types

    You can adjust the tangent type of the Bezier transforms. This means you can adjust the interpolation between keyframes to create particular motion effects. By manipulating tangent types, you can make something hesitate, speed up, slow down, or even stand still.

  • Key Info (Advanced) Rollout/Dialog

    The Key Info (Advanced) rollout or dialog contains additional key settings.