Morph Controllers

You can choose from two morph controllers: Cubic and Barycentric; they manage how morph targets blend from one target to another. Morphing can also be achieved by applying a Morpher modifier to an object.

Cubic Morph Controller

A Cubic Morph controller is a TCB-style controller. It uses Tension, Continuity, and Bias controls, much like the generic TCB controller.

The Cubic Morph controller manages only the interpolation from one morph target to the next. If you want to add Morph keys or change the morph target, use the Pick Targets and Current Targets rollouts on the Modify panel.

Barycentric Morph Controller

The Barycentric Morph controller is also a TCB controller like the Cubic Morph controller, except that each key, instead of representing a single target, represents a series of weights for all targets. A Barycentric Morph key represents a new object that is a blending of all targets.

You can adjust each morph key to percentages of the available morph targets, creating subtle adjustments in the animation.

You can also use Insert Keys in Track View to create new Barycentric Morph keys. The added keys contain interpolated values for all targets.