Group Commands

The commands to manage groups are on the Group menu.

See Also
  • Group

    The Group command combines a selection set of objects or groups into a single group.

  • Open

    The Open command lets you ungroup a group temporarily, and access objects within a group.

  • Close

    The Close command regroups an opened group. For nested groups, closing the outermost group object closes all open inner groups.

  • Ungroup

    Ungroup separates the current group into its component objects or groups.

  • Explode

    The Explode command ungroups all objects in a group, regardless of the number of nested groups, unlike Ungroup, which ungroups one level only.

  • Detach

    The Detach (or, in Scene Explorer, Exclude From Group) command detaches the selected object from its group.

  • Attach

    The Attach command makes the selected object part of an existing group.