Modeling Preferences


To display: Choose File Preferences and click Modeling.

Construction Mode

Enable Auto Update

Controls whether the construction mode changes automatically when you perform certain operations. When this option is on, the following changes happen automatically:

  • Applying a topology operator automatically switches to Modeling mode.

  • Applying an envelope and responding "Yes" when prompted to apply it in the Animation region automatically switches to Animation mode.

  • Saving or storing a shape key automatically switches to Shape Modeling mode.


Generator Inputs (if no PPG)

Controls what happens to the input objects of a generated object when its property editor is not displayed automatically (i.e., if Popup Property Editors on Node Creation is off in the Interaction Preferences, or if it is on and you press Ctrl to temporarily toggle the behavior).

  • Keep leaves the inputs in the scene, unchanged.

  • Hide leaves the inputs in the scene, but turns off their View and Render Visibility settings (in their Visibility properties — see Visibility Property Editor).

  • Delete freezes the generator operator and deletes the input objects.

Select Generated Object

Automatically selects generated objects when they are first created. If you turn this option off, the generator remains selected; for example, this allows you to select an edge loop on a polygon mesh, extract a curve, and then immediately select another edge loop without needing to select the polygon mesh again.

Subdivision Surfaces

Use Loop Subdivision on Triangles by Default

Automatically activates the Loop subdivision method for triangles when polygon meshes are subdivided using the Catmull-Clark or linear methods. Loop is a method specifically designed for triangles. It gives better shading and avoids the bulging and pinching that can occur with quad-based methods. There is a smooth transitions between Loop and Catmull-Clark at boundaries between triangles and non-triangles.

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