Channel Property Editor


Allows you to edit each channel available for a device driver. The device driver must be added and active in the Device Manager before you can edit its channels.

You can also edit these parameters in the Device Driver Property Editor.

For more information about device drivers in general, see Device Drivers [ Animation ].

To display: In the explorer, expand the Project Data Device Manager device driver tree and click the icon for the channel you want to edit.

Connection Configuration


Toggles the activeness of the channel.


Offset Min

Minimum value that can be reached by the channel.

Offset Max

Maximum value that can be reached by the channel.


Sets the value of the channel.



Offsets the channel's value by this amount.


Scales the channel's value created by this amount.


Action Type

Select the type of action you want the channel to drive: None, Drive, Command, or Special. Then specify the Target for this action type.


Specify what you want the action to drive. If Drive is the Action Type, enter a parameter name; if Command is the Action Type, enter a command name; and if Special is the Action Type, click Channel Target Special Values for a list of possible commands.

Static Parameters

These parameters are for information purposes only and cannot be changed.

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