Device Manager


To display: Choose Tools Devices Manage Device Drivers from the Animate toolbar.

For more information about device drivers in general, see Device Drivers [ Animation ].

Device Manager Active

Toggles the activeness of this device manager which controls the available device drivers.



Toggles the activeness of the device driver.


ID of the device driver.


Name of the device driver.


Opens a dialog box that displays the available drivers. Select a driver from this box and click Select to add it to the Drivers list.


Removes the currently selected driver from the Drivers list, making it unavailable for use. This does not delete the driver.

Inspect Selection

Opens the Device Driver Property Editor for the selected device driver so that you can edit its properties.


Track Selection

Reconnects all channels of all active devices that are using the selection.

Capture Session


Starts the capture session. When you click this button, the session starts and all device drivers installed are turned on.

Press the space bar to start the capture, and press it again to end the capture. Click Stop to end the session and turn all device drivers off.

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