This determines the classification of a Parameter to give Softimage some hint about its purpose. In most cases it is acceptable to use the default, siClassifUnknown.

C# Syntax

siParamClassification.siClassifVisualization                                // 1
siParamClassification.siClassifPositioning                                  // 2
siParamClassification.siClassifAppearance                                   // 4
siParamClassification.siClassifMetaData                                     // 8
siParamClassification.siClassifModel                                        // 16
siParamClassification.siClassifTopo                                         // 16481
siParamClassification.siClassifGeometry                                     // 16449
siParamClassification.siClassifUnknown                                      // 32768
Constant Value Description
siClassifVisualization 1 Parameter affects the UI visualization of an object (ex: level of detail)
siClassifPositioning 2 Parameter affects the location, size and position of an object (ex: scaling)
siClassifAppearance 4 Parameter affects the visual appearance of the default representation of an object (ex: color)
siClassifMetaData 8 Means that the parameter affects the description/identification of an object (for example, name or icon). This classification can be useful as an optimization because it signals that no re-rendering is necessary when the parameter changes.
siClassifModel 16 Parameter affects the mathematical model of an object (for example, interpolation change of a surface)
siClassifTopo 16481 Changing this parameter will change the geometry (adding or removing points) of an object. This information gives Softimage the necessary information to ensure that the object is redrawn and all cluster properties are recalculated each time the parameter changes. Normally this is set on parameters of a generator-type Operator or a CustomProperty connected to a generator-type operator.
siClassifGeometry 16449 Changing this parameter will change the position of the points that make up the object (but not add or remove any points). This information gives Softimage the necessary information to properly redraw the object and perform calculations when the parameter changes.
siClassifUnknown 32768 Default classification for normal parameters.

Applies To

SIAddCustomParameter SIAddCustomParam CustomProperty.AddParameter CustomProperty.AddParameter2 XSIFactory.CreateParamDef