Adds a custom parameter to custom parameter list. This command is provided for backward compatibility, it is recommended that you use SIAddCustomParameter instead.

Scripting Syntax

SIAddCustomParam( [InputObj], [ScriptName], [VarType], DefaultValue, MinValue, MaxValue, Classification, Capabilities, [SuggMin], [SuggMax], [ParamName], [Description] );


Parameter Type Description
InputObj String List of custom parameter list properties.

Default Value: Current Selection

ScriptName String Script name of the custom parameter to be added. This is normally a short name, like "rotx". A script name cannot have spaces in it.

Default Value: "ParamName"

VarType Integer Type of the custom parameter

Default Value: 5

Possible Values:


2 2 bytes signed integer number (-32768..32767)
3 4 bytes signed integer number (-2147483647..2147483646)
4 single precision real number (-3.402823466e+38F..3.402823466e+38F)
5 double precision real number (-1.7976931348623158e+308..1.7976931348623158e+308)
8 text
11 boolean
16 1 byte signed integer (-128..127)
17 1 byte unsigned integer (0..255)
18 2 bytes unsigned integer number (0..65535)
19 4 bytes unsigned integer number (0..4294967295)
22 signed machine integer
23 unsigned machine integer
DefaultValue Variant Default value of the parameter
MinValue Double minimum value of the parameter

Default Value: 0.0

MaxValue Double maximum value of the parameter

Default Value: 1.0

Classification siParamClassification Classification

Default Value: siClassifUnknown

Capabilities siCapabilities Capabilities of the parameter

Default Value: siAnimatable+siPersistable for numeric parameters, siPersistable for string parameters

SuggMin Double Suggested minimum value of the parameter (for UI controls)

Default Value: MinValue

SuggMax Double Suggested maximum value of the parameter (for UI controls)

Default Value: MaxValue

ParamName String A name for the parameter that can be more descriptive than the script name. For example "Rotation X" instead of "rotx".

Default Value: The ScriptName argument is reused

Description String A longer, descriptive version of the parameter name. This appears on the property page when the object is inspected.


VBScript Example

dim n
set n = GetPrim( "Null" )
AddProp "Custom_parameter_list", , 0, "Custom Parameters" 
SIAddCustomParam n & ".Custom_Parameters","Happiness",5,0, -10, 10 
RemoveCustomParam n & ".Custom_Parameters.Happiness"
SIAddCustomParam n & ".Custom_Parameters","StringParam",8,"Defaultstr"
DeleteObj n & ".Custom_Parameters"

See Also

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