Parameter.Parameters operator


Returns a ParameterCollection containing all parameters available on the current Parameter object).

There are two kinds of parameters in Softimage: 'compound' and 'single'. Single parameters consist of a single value, like an Active parameter which is either set to true or false. Compound parameters are more like organizing nodes, with entire groups of parameters nested under them, like the Local node which appears under the Kinematics node in the Explorer view.

Note: For normal parameters that do not have any children the returned ParameterCollection will be empty.

C# Syntax

// get accessor
ParameterCollection rtn = Parameter.Parameters;


VBScript Example

' This example demonstrates the difference between the Property and Parameter objects
' and what they relate to when you are looking at scene objects in Explorer view 
' (with All Nodes scope selected):
'   Scene_Root                      (icon looks like:)      (TypeName returns:)
'      + torus
'         + Visibility              (gray square)           (Property)
'            - View Visibility      (green tv screen)       (simple Parameter)
'         + Kinematics              (gray square)           (Kinematics (a kind of Property))
'            + Local                (gray square)           (KinematicState (a kind of compound Parameter))
'               + Pos               (folder)                (Nothing)
'                  - X              (green tv screen)       (simple Parameter)
NewScene , false
' First create an X3DObject to search on
Set oTorus = Application.ActiveSceneRoot.AddGeometry( "Torus", "MeshSurface" )
' Looking for a parameter set and its simple parameter
' Get the Visibility parameter set and the View Visibility parameter
Set oVisPSet = oTorus.Properties( "Visibility" )
Set oViewParam = oTorus.Properties( "Visibility" ).Parameters( "viewvis" )
' What have we got?
printType oVisPSet
printType oViewParam 
' Looking for a parameter set and its compound parameter
' Get the Kinematics property, the Local compound parameter and the PosX parameter
Set oKinePSet = oTorus.Kinematics
Set oCompound = oTorus.Kinematics.Local
Set oSimple = oTorus.Kinematics.Local.Parameters( "PosX" )
' What have we got?
printType oKinePSet 
printType oCompound 
printType oSimple 
' Helper Function
Function printType( in_oThing )
        ' Print name and class name of input object
        Application.LogMessage in_oThing & " is a " & TypeName( in_oThing )
End Function
' Expected result:
'INFO : "torus.visibility is a Property"
'INFO : "torus.visibility.viewvis is a Parameter"
'INFO : "torus.kine is a Kinematics"
'INFO : "torus.kine.local is a KinematicState"
'INFO : "torus.kine.local.posx is a Parameter"