Sets or returns the right tangent X (in frames) of the fcurve key relative to the FCurveKey.Time value as a Double.

The right tan x value may be a positive value between a distance which is one third the distance between 2 consecutive key and 0; this guarantees that the curve is valid.

The left tangent of the first key and the right tangent of the last key cannot be changed; if you try to set the tangent for one of these the property does nothing and returns S_FALSE in C++.

Tangent values only apply to standard function curves (where FCurve.Type = siStandardFCurve), the tangent value 0 is returned for all other function curve types defined by siFCurveType.

C# Syntax

// get accessor
Object rtn = FCurveKey.RightTanX;
// set accessor
FCurveKey.RightTanX = Object;


JScript Example

        See FCurveKey.LeftTanX for JScript, VBScript and Python examples using this property. 

See Also

FCurve.SetKeyTangents FCurveKey.LeftTanX FCurveKey.LeftTanY FCurveKey.RightTanY