Adds a relation between two clip objects' TimeControls. The relation is by default between the StartOffset, ClipIn and ClipOut values of the master and slave clip.

Please take note that this method will fail if the addition of a new relation would create an evaluation cycle. For instance, let say that you have three clips A, B and C. If you already have ClipRelations between A-B and between B-C then attempting to add a ClipRelation between C-A will fail.

C# Syntax

ClipRelation ClipContainer.AddRelation( Clip in_pMaster, Clip in_pSlave, String in_bstrName );

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = ClipContainer.AddRelation( MasterClip, SlaveClip, [Name] );

Return Value

The newly created ClipRelation object.


Parameter Type Description
MasterClip Clip The master clip object.
SlaveClip Clip The slave clip object.
Name String The name of the new clip relation


JScript Example

See the example for the ClipContainer.NestedRelations property.

See Also

AddClipRelation Clip.Relations ClipContainer.NestedRelations TimeControl.StartOffset TimeControl.ClipIn TimeControl.ClipOut