Creates and adds a new image source and a new image clip, the new clip pointing to the new source.

This command supports the downloading of files off the internet. If the filename specified is a URL then the file will be downloaded locally before the command is executed.

Note: This command uses output arguments. C# and some scripting languages (such as JScript, PerlScript and Python) don't support arguments passed by reference. However, There is a alternate version of this command which is considered safe to use with C#, JScript, PerlScript and Python: SICreateImageClip2.

Scripting Syntax

SICreateImageClip( [FileName], [Name], [Clip] );


Parameter Type Description
FileName String Full path of the image source (for example, "c:\temp\abc.bmp").

Default Value: User is prompted to select

Name String The name to use for the new clip (for example, "MyClip").
Clip ImageClip Returns the clip