Moves a Clip within one Track, or to another track of the same type within a Model.

Scripting Syntax

MoveClipToTrack( Model, Clip, [Compound], [Track], [Time] );


Parameter Type Description
Model String The model owning the clip. Note: The parameter is ignored for the shot clip type.
Clip String The clip to move.
Compound String The compound container (track owner) to move the clip to. Note: The parameter is ignored for the shot clip type.
Track String The track to move the clip to (NULL == move within the same track).
Time Double Frame to move the clip to.

Default Value: Current frame.


VBScript Example

' This example makes a couple of shape keys and instantiates them on the mixer,
' transitioning between them.  Then it moves one of the clips into a compound
' clip container.
' Create the object for our example.
set oSphere = CreatePrim( "Sphere", "MeshSurface" )
' Store a couple of shape keys (we use the temporarily-applied bulge
' just to have an interesting shape for the second key.
set oSourceShape1 = StoreShapeKey( oSphere, , siShapeLocalReferenceMode )
set oBulge = ApplyOp( "Bulge", oSphere, 3, siPersistentOperation, , 1 )
set oSourceShape2 = StoreShapeKey( oSphere, , siShapeLocalReferenceMode )
DeleteObj oBulge
' Create a temporary track to put the clips onto.
set oTrackTemp = AddTrack( oSphere, , 1 )
' Instantiate the shape sources onto the track.
set oClipShape1 = AddClip( "Scene_Root", oSourceShape1, , oTrackTemp, 1 )
set oClipShape2 = AddClip( "Scene_Root", oSourceShape2, , oTrackTemp, 90 )
' Put a transition between the two clips.
AddTransition oClipShape1, oClipShape2, 0
' Create a track for a shape compound, then move one of the clips into it.
set oTrackCpd = AddTrack( "Scene_Root", , 1, "ForCompound" )
MoveClipToTrack "Scene_Root", oClipShape2, , oTrackCpd 
' Delete the temporary track
DeleteObj oTrackTemp

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