Creates an empty connection mapping template. This is a shortcut for calling SceneItem.AddProperty("MappingTemplate"), but it is recommended that you use the CreateConnectionMap for scripting.

Note: This command uses output arguments. C# and some scripting languages (such as JScript, PerlScript and Python) don't support arguments passed by reference so you need to use the best workaround for your situation:

For scripting languages this command returns an ISIVTCollection which you can use to get the output arguments.

For C# you can use the XSIApplication.ExecuteCommand method to call this command. ExecuteCommand packs the output arguments into a C# System.Object containing an Array of the output arguments (see Calling Commands from C#).

Scripting Syntax

CreateEmptyConnectionMap( Obj1, [MappingTemplate] );


Parameter Type Description
Obj1 String Root of the target hierarchy on which to create the connection map.

Note: The mixer under this object's model will be the owner of the newly created connection map.

Default Value: User is prompted to pick

MappingTemplate Property Returns the connection mapping template.

See Also

CreateConnectionMap AddMappingRule CreateValueMap DeleteMappingRule GetMappingRule GetNumMappingRules SetMappingRule