Using Brush-based Tools


Several tools in Softimage use a brush. These include:

All brush-based tools have similar options and workflows:

Using the Paint Tool

The Paint tool is used to paint weight maps and envelope weights.

Activating the Paint Tool

Do one of the following:

  • Press W.


  • Choose Get Property Paint Tool from any toolbar.


  • Click the Paint tool's icon on the weight paint panel.

Painting in Normal Mode

When painting in normal or additive mode (the default):

  • To add weight, use the left mouse button.

  • To remove weight, either use the right mouse button or press Shift+left mouse button.

  • To smooth weight values between deformers, press Alt+left mouse button.

You can change modes using the Brush Properties Property Editor [Properties Reference], or on the weight paint panel.

Changing the Brush Radius

When using a brush-based tool, you can set the radius interactively or by increments. Alternatively, you can also set the radius in the Brush Properties Property Editor [Properties Reference].

To change the brush radius interactively

  • Do one of the following while a brush-based tool is active:

    • Press R and drag to the left or right.


    • Middle-click and drag to the right to increase the radius, or to the left to decrease it.

    The current radius size in Softimage units is displayed at the bottom of the 3D view.

To increase or decrease the brush radius by increments

  • While a brush-based tool is active, do either of the following to change the radius by increments of 10% of its current size:

    • Press the up arrow key to increase the radius or the down arrow key to decrease it.


    • Scroll the mouse wheel forward to increase the radius or backward to decrease it. This works only if you are not using the mouse wheel to zoom — see Mouse Wheel in Camera Preferences [Preference Reference].

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