Wind Property Editor


To create a wind control object: Choose Get Force Wind from the Simulate toolbar, Get Primitive Control Object Wind from the other default toolbars, or Create Force Wind from the Hair toolbar.

To redisplay this property editor: Select the wind object and press Enter.

The Wind force simulates the effect of wind blowing on simulated objects.

For more information on forces in general, see Forces [ Simulation and Effects].

To use this force in an ICE tree, see Creating and Applying ICE Forces to ICE Simulations [ICE Guide].

Length of the arrow is determined by the Wind Velocity value.


The name of the force effect


Toggles on/off the force effect.

Wind Velocity

The speed of the wind force.

Flow Viscosity

The amount of resistance the simulated objects have to the wind force. A wind force with low viscosity values makes the simulated objects resist motion more strongly, thereby slowing down their flow.

Use Size

Uses size of the simulated objects in the wind force's calculations.

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