FX Tree Property Editor


You can rename an FX Tree and adjust the default image attributes from this property editor. Each tree has its own set of properties.

The default image attributes are used to define operators that create images (Pattern Generator, for example), and are also used to define an operator's output bit-depth and size when those options are set to "Default" on the Output page of the operator's property editor.


The name of the FX Tree.

Image Defaults


Specifies the default size of images imported into or created in the FX tree.

Default Bit Depth

Specifies whether operators should be processed at 8 or 16-bit depth.

Pixel Ratio

Specifies the default pixel ratio for operators in the FX tree. Set this to match your picture standard's pixel ratio.

Use Pixel Ratio in Effects

When activated, effects are processed using the default pixel ratio.


Clicking any of these buttons sets the Image Defaults to the correct values for the corresponding picture standard.

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