Softimage|FX Viewer Settings Dialog Box


To display: In the Fx viewer, choose View Viewer Preferences.

Viewer Properties

Viewer Colors

Sets either the FX Viewer background color or the Alpha Overlay color. Select the desired option and then click the color swatch to set the color.

Alpha Overlay Blend

Sets the degree to which the alpha overlay is blended with the image in the FX Viewer when you activate the Display Alpha Channel as an Overlay option in the Fx Viewer command bar.

FG/BG Display Mix

Sets the degree to which the merge source is blended with the image in the FX Viewer when you activate the Display Mix With Merge Source option in the Fx Viewer command bar.

Pixel Ratio Correction

Corrects the pixel ratio in order to properly display the formats listed in the drop-down menu.

Correct for 1280x1024 on a 4:3 monitor

Corrects images so that they are displayed properly on monitors with a 4:3 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1280x1024.

Override Color Management Preference

Override Color Management Preference

Overrides the FX Viewers setting on the Color Management tab of the your Display Preferences, and enables a separate lookup table (LUT). You can choose the Gamma LUT to perform a gamma correction, or the Cineon LUT to properly display images stored in logarithmic color space.


Red, Green, Blue

Applies a gamma correction to each color channel.

Gang Sliders

When enabled, all of the gamma lookup table's color channel sliders behave as a single slider, from which you can adjust all three values at once.


Cineon/DPX images use a logarithmic color space, so to work with them in the FX tree, you first have to convert them to linear space. These options allow you to convert log images to linear when you view them in the FX Viewer.

Black Point

The "Black Reference". This value maps the minimum log value to the linear black value of 0. Values below this will be clipped to black.

White Point

The "White Reference". This value maps the maximum log value to the linear white value of 255. Values above this one will be clipped to white.

Soft Clip

The soft clip value helps smooth out color imbalances cause by clipping the highlights in the original log image. It defines a range of values around the white reference over which the clipping curve is softened. This preserves details in the image's highlights.

Film Gamma

Adjusts the film gamma.

Monitor Gamma

Performs a gamma correction. Entering your monitor's gamma correction value ensures that the original Cineon/DPX image's gamma looks correct on your monitor.


Resets all settings in this dialog box to their default values.

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