Test Step Detection Dialog Box


These parameters let you test out the Velocity Threshold by doing a test run. This creates little icons that represent the stepping positions, allowing you to tune the correct Velocity Threshold.

To display: Select a biped guide whose elements have been tagged using the Create Character Biped Tags command, and choose Create Character Biped - Define Step Marks from the Animate toolbar.

For more information, see Converting a Biped's Motion to Deformable Tracks [ Character Animation ].

Start and End

The first and last frames of the animation you want to be deformed with the Deform Motion command.

Velocity Threshold

The threshold of the velocity of the animated elements. You need to find the lowest velocity of the animated elements, such as where a foot is on the ground, going from one step to the next.

This value needs to be the closest to zero, but not zero. You can reiteratively test this, starting at a very low threshold and working up until you see that all step marks are present. If a value is too low or high, just delete the step marks and try a new level.

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