Keyboard Mapping Editor


The Keyboard Mapping editor allows you to create, modify, and view key maps.

To open the keyboard mapping editor

  • Choose File Keyboard Mapping from the main menu.


Select a Key Map to use or modify.


Click New to create a custom key map based on the selected one.


Click Remove to remove the selected key map (custom maps only).


Click View in Browser to display an HTML page in your default browser showing all key assignments in the selected map.


Select an editor or tool in the Group list to show or modify its key assignments in the Commands list and keyboard diagram.


Select a command in the Command list to display its keyboard shortcut in red.

Add a key assignment by dragging a command onto a key in the keyboard diagram while holding down the Shift, Ctrl, and/or Alt keys as desired (custom maps only).


Display keys that conflict with those used by another editor. Keys that are used by the editor selected in the View box are colored dark brown.


Activate Ctrl, Shift, and/or Alt to display the correspondnig modifier key combinations in the keyboard diagram.


Click Clear to remove the key assignment from the command selected in the Command list (custom maps only).


The keyboard diagram shows the keys and key combinations used by the editor or tool selected in the Group box.

  • White: no command has been assigned to this key.

  • Beige: a command from another editor or tool has been assigned to this key.

  • Light Brown: a command from the currently selected editor or tool has been assigned to this key.

  • Red: this key corresponds to the currently selected item in the Command box.

Hover the mouse pointer over a key to display the assigned command in a tooltip, or click a key to select the assigned command in the Commands list.