About Keymaps


Key maps determine the keyboard combinations that are used to run commands, open windows, and activate tools. You can create your own key maps to create new key bindings or change the default ones.

Key maps are stored as XML-based .xsikm files in the \Application\keymaps subdirectory of the user, workgroup, or factory path. At startup, Softimage gathers the files it finds at these locations and makes them available for selection in the Keyboard Mapping editor.

Older key maps stored in the binary .DSKeymap format can still be used. However, as soon as you modify a key map or store it in an add-on, it will be saved in the .xsikm format and the binary file will be deleted.

When you change a key mapping, the new key automatically appears next to the command in menus and context menus. For some menus, you must restart Softimage to see the new label.