Setting Compound Properties


To set compound properties

Do one of the following:

  • Right-click on a compound and choose Compound Properties.

  • Select a compound and choose Compounds Compound Properties.

    If you are editing a compound and no internal compound node is selected, Compounds Compound Properties opens the properties of the compound being edited.

Some of the compound properties are self-explanatory, like Author, Description, and Color. Other properties are documented elsewhere:

For information about the remaining properties, read on.

NoteUse Ctrl+Enter to start a new line in the Description box.


When an URL has been defined for a compound, users can right-click on the compound and choose Open Netview on URL. You can use this feature to provide documentation and other resources. Make sure to include the protocol in the URL, for example, "http:" or "file:".

Construction Mode

Construction Mode for ApplyICEOp specifies the default region in the construction stack for adding an exported ICE operator using the ApplyICEOp command. Setting this to Current uses whichever mode is active when the operator is applied. For more information about applying ICE-based operators, see Applying ICE Compounds.

PPG Logic

You can write scripts that get executed automatically when users open and interact with the compound's property page.

  1. Click PPG Logic.
  2. Specify the Script Language.
  3. Use the Logic section to define OnInit() and <parameter>_OnChanged() callback procedures.
NoteYou cannot change the user interface layout of a property page using its PPG Logic section.